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We currently have 631 new lots listed on Ebay UK & Ebay USA with the auctions scheduled to conclude on the dates above. This is an interesting & eclectic selection including superb Baden (97 lots) from pre-stamp material with scarce franked covers & rare adhesives; Bechuanaland postal stationery; interesting British Guiana postmarks; British Forces in Egypt postal history & a rare complete booklet of Christmas seals; Falkland Islands & Dependencies; German pre-war & World War II covers; superb Ireland featuring scarce pre-stamp material, line engraved covers including two 1d blacks, fine earlier airmail postal history & rare adhesives. There is also a superb selection of French & African proof related material on the theme of physics including much featuring Marie & Pierre Curie plus an attractive range of bird thematics & some choice unsold lots from our recent auction.  

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Postal Auction 132 has now concluded and we are very grateful to all those who participated. All items which were unsold remain on our website and are available for immediate purchase at their reserve prices. The lots appear with their original estimates attached and reserves can be ascertained by contacting us directly. Simply click on "View Sale" at the top of this page to access the auction in its' entirety.

There are still many very nice lots available with some surprisingly scarce items still awaiting new homes.  Most lots are accompanied by high resolution scanned images to which we will be adding in due course. If an item of interest currently lacks a scan, please do not hesitate to contact us & we will endeavour to provide one.   


Principality Auctions is one of the leading philatelic postal auctions in the United Kingdom. Based in Alnwick, Northumberland  we hold regular auctions of 3,500+ all world lots with a strong focus on fine material from the British Empire.

Our website is designed as a resource to bring our auctions to a worldwide audience. We place the highest possible premium on the honesty and integrity of our descriptions. A desire to offer a wide range of interesting material in very fine condition is our core aim.

It is important to stress that this is not an "on-line" or "interactive" auction. Our auction operates on the basis of a designated closing date by which time all bids must be received. Lots are then allocated on the basis of the highest bid received at the close of sale. To convert our sales into an on-line stamp auction would have effectively disenfranchised many of our long-standing customers who receive our traditional printed catalogues and who do not necessarily possess internet access. 

The site has been designed on simple lines in order to allow easy and comprehensive viewing of our sales. The best way to navigate the site is through means of the "Keyword Search" at the top right of this page. For instance, if you are a collector of Fiji, simply entering that country name in the Search box will take you automatically to all items of potential interest to you. It is equally easy to bid by means of our on-line Bid Form which can be accessed via any lot in the sale. 

We very much hope you find the site of interest and value. We are extremely eager to receive feedback and would welcome any suggestions as to how we may offer the most effective service to our customers.      





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